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The Heritage Line of Medals
Featuring striking 3-D, high-relief sculpted designs, these medals are small, but eye-catching. Their low price makes them perfect as participant medals, and their elegant appeal makes them popular with adults of all ages.
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The World Class Line of Medals
The perfect medal for schools and tournament planners on a budget. This medal, recently introduced, has sold over a million pieces so far, and continues to soar in popularity.

Kids especially are fond of the fun cut-out, 3-dimensional designs each medal features.
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Rising Star Achievement Medals
Our most popular medal, by far! These medals, at 3-inches in size from point to point, are eye-catching, memorable, and are a delight for both kids and adults.

This medal makes a fantastic participant medal for tournaments, or as a passing “bonus” for belt tests.
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The Regency Line of Medals
A large, striking, and impressive design. These medals, at an exciting 2 ¾” in size, are guaranteed to leave a powerful impression in all its recipients. Each medal also includes a large Olympic-sized ribbon for free!
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Regency Medals with Patriotic Stripes
An alternative version of our Regency Medal, this design features red white and blue stripes at its base. The stripes add color to the medal, as well as a patriotic spirit that is part and parcel to martial arts academies across the nation.
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Star and Wreath Medals
A modern and striking design featuring an oriental shield emblazoned with stars, and wrapped in a glorious wreath. Their smaller 2-inch size makes them perfect as participant medals, and their low price makes it easy to fit them into any budget.
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Classic Laurel Medals
A classic and old-fashioned medal that has withstood the test of time. These medals’ timeless appearance makes them appropriate to any event: belt tests, small tournaments, and as “loyalty” awards for your school’s students.
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Newport Mint Medals
Our most classic and enduring line of medals – we first introduced it in 1981, and continue to appear in tournaments across the country.
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